Barony Beyond the Mountain and Bergental Yule

Hosted by Barony of Beyond the Mountain - Amston, CT

Event date: December 3rd, 2022

Event Last Modified: November 26th, 2022

Event details

Greetings, one and all!  As the days grow short and the winds blow colder, it's time to seek the warm welcoming halls of good friends and neighbors.  The Barony Beyond the Mountain and our Northern neighbor Bergental, have, once again, combined our efforts to provide such a haven to all who would seek it!  That haven is BBM’s brand-new site.  We welcome you to join Their Excellencies and His Excellency in our hall for a day of feasting, marshal activities, music, dancing, games, ceremony, and respite. 

===== SCHEDULE ======

7:30 Site opens for Staff and Merchant set up
9:00 Gate opens to Populace
10:00 Armour Inspections and authorizations for Rapier and Armored combat. 
11:00 Traditional Spear Tournament, until done.
11:00 Rapier Spear Tournament, until done. 
11:00 Dayboard Opens
11:00 Auction Opens
4:00 Martial activities finish. 
4:00 Dayboard Closes
4:00 Silent Auction Ends, pay for all purchases promptly please. 
5:00 Court!
7:30 Cleanup Begins
9:00 Clean up ends and site closes.  All SCAdians must be off site. 

Masks are not required inside, however Masking Is Encouraged, and there will be masks available at Gate. 

Their Excellencies of the Barony Beyond the Mountain and Bergental are calling for a court of color and would be delighted by seeing all arrayed in their finery the color of Yule, GREEN.

Greetings Good Gentles of the East! 
Join us and support our Fundraising Silent Auction!  At BBM/Bergental Yule this year, we will be hosting a Silent Auction.  Help us by bringing your unwanted SCA adjacent treasures to send them out into the Universe where they can have a new life and be appreciated by a new owner!  Come bid on other people's hidden gems and take home your prize, AND Raise money for Your Preferred Barony at the same time. 
For further information, or to discuss donations to be auctioned, please contact Mistress Randall Vihari Farkas at

Proceeds will benefit the Barony Beyond the Mountain, the Barony of Bergental, or the East Kingdom (as chosen by the donor).  BRING SCA-ADJACENT STUFF you no longer want in your house!  Bring Cash or Checks to pay for your new treasures!

• The Traditional Bergental Spear tournament takes a new twist with Lord Gonzalo hosting a FENCING Spear Tournament this year As well as the traditional Armored Combat Spear Tournament.
• After the spear tourney ends, there will be a new twist on the old boar hunt.  This year St.  Nick has gone on the run with help from his Reindeer.  Please come and help bring him back before the Yule celebration ends.  If we don’t have enough fighters, then there will be plenty time for pickup fighting.
• Lady Angelina will be hosting the Bergental A&S Champions this year! 
• Barony Beyond the Mountain A&S Display - Lord Severin, MoAS of BBM, invites all to come display their completed works and works in progress!

Merchants are most welcome!  Please contact the Merchant Coordinator.

===== SITE RULES ======
• Site is DRY.  Any gifts of alcoholic beverages need to be exchanged OFF SITE. 
• The site absolutely forbids any and all drug use on the property.  There is no smoking or vaping on site including use of medicinal or recreational marijuana or CBD products. 
---- Anyone found to be in violation of these first two rules will be removed from site without a warning and without refund.  ----
• NO weapons of any kind are allowed on property.  This does NOT include rapier or armored combat weapons as they are considered sporting equipment. 
• Furniture in the lounge areas is not to be moved. 
• No open flames are allowed by CT law.  Per site rules.  no fires may be lit.
• No campfires are allowed on the property for this event. 
• No animals are allowed on site except Service Animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (guide dogs, signal dogs, or other animals individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability).
Connecticut laws on assistance animals and guide dogs are summarized here:
(This is a .pdf.  See Section 4, page 25.)

• Certain portions of the site, such as the climbing tower, pool, pond, arts and crafts building, outdoor pavilion, bunkhouses and the rest of the site beyond the outdoor pavilion are strictly off limits for this event. 

Site is an Easter Seals campground and is therefore entirely accessible with ADA-compliant bathrooms and entrances into the building.  There is ample designated handicapped parking. 
Changing areas are available on site. 

There is a cap of 250 registrations for the populace.

There are several handicapped spots near the building and a parking lot.  If additional parking is needed it can only be on the side of the drive on the lake side of the driveway.  There is NO parking behind the main building and no parking on any grass area.  If these spots are filled a shuttle will be available from the Rt 2 Park n’ Ride 2 miles away. 

While there will be no feast there will be an excellent day board! 

Site Opens: 9AM
Site Closes: 9PM

Event Location

Camp Hemlocks
85 Jones St
Amston, CT  06231
Google Map

The event site is accessible per the East Kingdom Accessibility Porter's Checklist.


Take your best route to Exit 16 on Rt.  2 in Connecticut.  Turn to the north of the highway.  At the intersection continue directly across Old Hartford Road onto Jones Street.  Camp Hemlocks is two miles down Jones Street on the right. 

Registration Fees

The ONLY registration is a paid registration. 
PayPal IS NO LONGER the only way to register.
-- Filling out the survey will generate an invoice which will be emailed to you.  The invoice will bring you to PayPal itself.  --

Please feel free to fill out the PayPal Survey, and pay at Event Gate when you arrive. 

A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted.  Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid. 

Registrations must be received before November 19th, HOWEVER non-preregged attendees are Absolutely Welcome. 

* The Site fee for attendees age 18 and over is $25, with a $5 discount for members of the SCA. 
* There is no site fee for attendees under age 18!
* Day board will be provided for an additional $4 per person. 

a.  Requests for refunds for an Event must be submitted in writing to the Event Steward, Exchequer, or Seneschal.  Requests will be accepted via email or in writing. 
b.  Requests for refunds for an Event that have been submitted within fourteen days of the Event will be granted without requiring prior approval by the
Financial Committee.
c.  Requests for refunds for an Event that are submitted more than fourteen days after the Event will be decided by the Financial Committee on a case by-case basis.

Make Checks Payable to: PayPal Only. 

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Gregory Regnier
Ryan Mac Whyte

Erzsebet Csesztvei

Rachael King

Send Reservations to:

reservations are through Paypal only, HOWEVER Feel Free to Attend WITHOUT PREREGISTERING.

Other Contact Information:

Merchant Coordinator: 
Erzsebet Csesztvei